As COVID Wanes, Mental Health Concerns Remain

As an increasing number of companies return to the office, employers are offering flexibility and tools to help employees protect their mental health. 

With some experts hinting a second “mental health” pandemic may emerge, employers are realizing that prioritizing employee well-being is here to stay.

Nearly half of U.S. workers have experienced mental health issues since COVID-19 began – leaving many employees languishing or feeling the acute symptoms of burnout. Furthermore, the nation’s imminent reopening has many individuals experiencing social anxiety.

Deteriorating mental health has had the greatest impact on Gen Z adults and millennials, who make up over one-third of the global workforce. 

Employees overwhelmingly believe their employers should care about their emotional health.  

And major U.S. companies like Amazon are offering employees some mental health support, including free counseling and mental health apps. Other efforts by employers to support employees include:

–    Paying employees to take time off

–    Including wellness objectives in performance goals

–    Extending mental health benefits to entire households

–    Creating a company-wide dialogue around mental health.

To allay increased feelings of anxiety brought on by a return to the workplace, employers should transparently communicate reopening plans with employees and give them control over how – and when – they re-enter.