Are You Not Entertained?

Many parents are facing a summer of working from home cooped up with restless children— or worse, a mandate to go back to work with camp and childcare options limited or closed.

Despite no definitive federal ruling banning summer camps, many have decided the risk is too high. Only thirty percent of epidemiologists surveyed by the New York Times expect to send their children to school, camp or daycare this summer. 

The American Camp Association has proposed precautions, but notes “every camp is different” and will make decisions based on local regulations.

With more than 14 million children and adults typically attending camp in the U.S., where does that leave working parents?

The YMCA is opening up in a limited capacity in certain areas. Another proposed solution is online summer camp. Certain camps are hosting Facebook Live events where campers can participate in camp singalongs.

But parents are skeptical. Many would rather have their children playing outside than inside on a computer after two months of online “school.” And online supervision won’t suffice for parents who can’t work from home.

Unless childcare reopens, it seems unlikely the economy will be able to reopen, especially without a bailout for the struggling childcare industry.

With only $10.5 billion in relief money total so far—as opposed to the $9.6 billion per month needed to keep the industry afloat—and more than 60% of childcare centers closed for good, a rocky road is ahead.