Are We There Yet?

Need a podcast this week while you’re waiting in the TSA line, sitting in traffic, basting the turkey or trying to drown out stressful political conversations

I recently went on a roadtrip I’ll never forget – my first return to Broadway and NYC since the start of the pandemic – and asked my Facebook friends to suggest podcasts for the ride. I’ve never had so many replies – people are certainly thankful for their favorites. 

Celebrity-filled Smartless got the most votes. One friend called it “just light and hilarious,” while another warned she almost drove off the road laughing so hard. How could I resist? I found it amusing although maybe a bit of a bro fest, so here are a few additional suggestions: 

  • Under the Influence with Jo Piazza: “Really interesting look at social media, mom influencers and the billions of dollars in business there.”
  • Edith: “Fictionalized look at Edith Wilson taking over the presidency for Woodrow. So fun.”
  • Cocaine and Rhinestones: “If you like country music, it is pretty amazing.”
  • And That’s Why We Drink: “It’s a combination true crime/supernatural podcast. They are very entertaining!”
  • Wind of Change: “A riveting look at the CIA and that old familiar Scorpions song. You’ll love a trip to Gorky Park and down memory lane.”
  • The Dropout: “About Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, is fantastic. Especially relevant now that her trial is underway.”
  • Call Your Grandmother: “Uplifting and so sweet. Two East Coast biddies talking life and love.”