America The Mortified

Four months into the coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented changes to American life as we know it, national pride among Americans has fallen to a record low.

Gallup has been measuring Americans’ pride since 2001. And while a majority of Americans (63%) still say they are proud to be Americans, the latest reading is the lowest it has been since Gallup started measuring

Over the past twenty years, Americans have felt less and less pride in being American and in the flag. Fifty-five percent of Americans felt extremely proud to be American right before 9/11; afterwards, 65-70% did.

By 2005, just 61% of Americans said they were extremely proud. And in 2015, it dropped further to 54%. In 2019 it was just 42%.

This year marks the sixth consecutive year that the rating has fallen to a new low.

Historically, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they are extremely proud to be Americans. Even though Republicans report more pride in being American than Democrats, the latest measurement still finds a 9-point decrease in Republicans’ national pride. 

Meanwhile, just a fourth of Democrats (24%) say they are extremely proud to be American.