America Reacts

FGH’s Research and Insights team asked TrendSpotters, their insight community of 300 civically engaged Americans how they feel about the leaked Supreme Court opinion and prospects that Roe v. Wade will be overturned in June. They found:

  • TrendSpotters are divided over what they want to see from corporate America, but most support companies helping their employees get care. 
    • When asked what they want to see from companies, TrendSpotters are evenly divided between “they need to stand up and fight for women” and “leave it alone, this is too political.” 
    • But they are open to more engagement when given a specific list of actions, particularly when it comes to companies helping employees impacted.
    • Only one in three say they are less likely to support a business that speaks out about their opposition to state laws that outlaw abortion.
  • Democrats say overturning Roe will be bad for America. Most Republicans have a very different view.
    • While many say overturning Roe will be bad for our country (58%), at least one-third of those asked said it will be a good thing (34%).
    • Older TrendSpotters (45+), some of whom recall the days before Roe, are more likely to say it will be bad for the country – negatively impacting women’s health, safety, economic mobility, and increasing child poverty.
    • Republicans tend to see it as progress despite causing a great deal of division and stress.