Abortion Rights Divisive as Ever

As the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling faces a challenge for the first time in years, FGH’s Insights team looked at recent polling around Americans’ views on abortion rights:

  • 62% of registered voters say they want the Court to uphold the decision in Roe v. Wade, while 24% want it overturned.
  • 53% of Americans claim to be pro-choice and 43% say they’re pro-life.
  • 47% of Americans think that abortion is acceptable while 46% of Americans believe it’s morally wrong. 
  • Americans’ support for Roe v. Wade has increased from 52% to 66% since 1989.
  • 46% of Republicans favor overturning Roe v. Wade while just 21% of Democrats say the same. 
  • 48% say abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, while 32% of adults say it should be legal under all circumstances. 19% believe abortion should never be legal.
  • 80% of Democrats say abortion should be legal, while only 35% of Republicans say the same.