A Tweet Falls in the Forest

Twitter activity among influencers is falling sharply, according to an analysis by FGS Global’s Analytics Team tracking hundreds of top brands, influencers, organizations, journalists, politicians and media outlets. 

As of Monday, May 8, 58% had tweeted in the past week and 66% had tweeted in the past month. This frequency is down quite significantly from what we saw in early April before Elon Musk’s verified account removals took effect (85% and 99% respectively).

The drop in cadence is worth watching. While audiences and users on Twitter have not yet moved en masse to a new platform, other services like BlueSky are getting attention.

Uptake is still quite small on all of the alternative platforms, and they are still in very early stages, though invite-only BlueSky is having a moment the last few weeks. The next critical inflection point post-Twitter’s verification changes could be when BlueSky opens up to the public (and if it resolves some of its issues). 

Here’s how to think about these new platforms:

  • The fundamentals of any communications strategy will frame up the options for social media: Where is my audience congregating? What am I looking to achieve with my audience on this platform? Which spaces are the right ones for my brand and content?
  • We recommend a rolling evaluation of new platforms, along with monitoring conversation and performance for existing campaigns. In some cases, organizations may preemptively secure brand/related nomenclature for handles on new platforms as an early step to activation in the future.  

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