A Shot In The Arm

More Americans currently approve of President Biden’s performance than ever approved of President Trump’s, despite Biden’s administration failing to meet its July 4 vaccination goal

FGH’s Insights Team looked at recent polling and also found: 

  • 56% of Americans approve of Biden’s work in office (President Trump’s highest approval rating ever was 49%).  Among Democrats, his approval is at 95%, while only 11% of Republicans approve of the president.
  • 51% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of economy thus far, while 47% disapprove. 
  • 68% of American voters say the January 6 attack on the Capitol gets too much attention, and 27% think Biden is to blame while 33% blame Democrats in Congress. 
  • 35% of American voters view the recent Biden-Putin meeting as successful. 
  • 60% of Democrats think the country is headed in the right direction, while 76% of Republicans think it’s headed in the wrong direction.