A Quick Word About Us…

You may have seen the news that global investment firm KKR will make a minority growth investment in FGS Global. We’re humbled and excited by this development, but as always at Capital in Context (and in our work in general!), we’re focused on what this means for you. 

  • It reflects the evolution of the sector. Like us, KKR believes our increasingly volatile world calls for advice when communicating with the “stakeholder economy” – a myriad of voices from employees to civil society, regulators to politicians, and customers to investors. They view FGS as a pioneering market leader focused on helping leaders succeed in this incredibly complex environment.
  • Succeeding in the modern communications landscape requires an interdisciplinary approach. Many of our senior team don’t come from traditional communications backgrounds, and they bring fresh perspective and high-level experience that deliver unique solutions to our clients’ most complex problems. We also are fully integrated across disciplines, functions and subject matter expertise, meaning you get the best team that already knows how to work together to address your issues and capture opportunities, no matter where they are.
  • This is an investment in you. FGS will benefit from KKR’s depth of expertise supporting companies build robust, scalable platforms and world-class infrastructure. We are grateful this investment will help us support clients even more effectively.