A House United?

There are a few key things both parties agree on when it comes to the pandemic’s effects and the steps required to reopen states and the economy.

In a survey GPG recently conducted among policy influencers nationwide, we found Democrats and Republicans aren’t envisioning the same path to recovery—but some issues and priorities are top of mind for both.

  • Governors – not the federal government – should drive decisions for when states reopen businesses. Almost all Republicans (92%) and a strong majority of Democrats (86%) favor governors making the call for re-opening.
  • Economic recovery will take longer than decline. Seventy-seven percent of Democrats and 65% of Republicans believe this. About a quarter of Republicans (27%), however, believe the economy will bounce back as quickly as it declined. And a fifth of Democrats (18%) feel the economy won’t bounce back to where it was before it declined.
  • Education and local budget shortfalls are major priorities. Republicans (75%) and Democrats (81%) both rated re-opening K-12 and preventing children from falling behind as paramount. And members of both parties say addressing impending state and local budget crises due to lost revenue and tax dollars (55% among Republicans and 71% among Democrats) is the next most important task ahead. When this happens, a majority of both Democrats (98%) and Republicans (63%) want the federal government to step in.

Read the full survey results here.