​​Sustainability: How to Differentiate?

A new insights piece from our Equity Advisory & Investor Relations team looks at how companies are now going beyond standard sustainability disclosures to differentiate themselves by communicating how sustainability is directly impacting the key value drivers of their business and driving share price outperformance.

Here’s our five step guide to communicating this through a successful sustainability-integrated Investor Day:

  1. Undertake, refresh or upgrade your sustainability materiality matrix. Use an integrated perspective to identify the sustainability factors most material to your business.
  1. Articulate your detailed sustainability strategy. Substantiate your strategic vision based on how sustainability impacts the growth, risk management and capital allocation policy of your business.
  1. Benchmark your performance and establish KPIs. Review your current performance versus your peer group and broader industry best practice and identify gaps to address and strengths to highlight.
  1. Address misperceptions and concerns. Identify the capital markets’ expectations and priorities going forward.
  1. Optimize and differentiate your Equity Story and execute a best-in-class sustainability-integrated Investor Day.

Our team is well positioned to support you at every step. Download the full report here.